CDG and MDG Public Documents  
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Open Market Handsets Open Market Handsets (OMH) R-UIM Specification, Ver 2.1,November 2009 166
  Open Market Handsets (OMH) Device Specification, Ver 3.0, July 2010 167
  Open Market Handsets (OMH) PRI Guidelines, Ver 3.0, March 2010 169
  Open Market Handsets (OMH) Minimum Network Test Plan, Ver 2.1, February 2010 173 N.A.
  Open Market Handsets (OMH) Minimum Network Test Results, Ver 2.1, February 2010 174 N.A.
  Open Market Handsets Test Requirements and Acceptance Group (TAG) Process Guide, Ver 1.1, March 2011 182 N.A.
  CDMA Device Test Plan, Ver 4.3, February 2012 183 N.A.
  Open Market Handsets Test Requirements adn Acceptance (TAG) Data Module Test Plan, Ver 1.0, March 2010 193 N.A.
  Open Market Handsets (OMH) Device System Requirements, Ver. 1.0, November 2010 196 N.A.
  Open Market Handsets (OMH) Network Specification, Ver. 1.0, July 2010 197 N.A.
  CSIM-Capable Device Requirements, Ver 1.0, April 2011 200
Roaming CDMA International Roaming Voice and SMS Technical Data Sheet, Ver 1.2, March 2007 81
  PRL Enhancements for International Roaming, Ver. 1.0, April 1, 2004 86
  Inter-Standard Roaming White Paper, Ver 2.0, December 5, 2005 117
  International Packet Data Roaming Technical Data Sheet, Ver 1.3, April 26, 2007 124
  PRL Design, Maintenance and Testing, Ver 1.1, August 17, 2006 130
  MEID and EUIMID Migration, Ver 2.1, February 2011 158
Test Sync Channel Workaround Test (for Release A), Ver 1.0, February 11, 2004 85 N.A.
N.A. = Not Available

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