International Roaming MIN


MIN (Mobile Identification Number) are numbers that uniquely identify mobiles working under TIA standards for Cellular and PCS technologies.

IRM (International Roaming MIN) are MIN with the following format: 0-XXX+6D or 1-XXX+6D. The IRM concept was expanded in March 2004 to include MIN codes with the format XXX-0+6D and XXX-1+6D. They are now also available for assignment.

The 4 digit prefix of an IRM is allocated by IFAST (International Forum on ANSI-41 Standards Technology) that attempts to facilitate international roaming by minimizing conflicts with North American MIN. 

The last 6 digits of an IRM are allocated by the carrier.

IRM Guidelines (V5.6) June 2013.

Note: In case of a discrepancy between the HTML and Word versions of the IFAST IRM Guidelines, the Word version should be taken as correct.

IFAST formats for SID and IRM export files.

IRM Expansion Presentation .

IRM Allocation Table. (Legacy queries still available).

IRM Application and Payment Form.

IFAST Topic 3 with other IRM related documents.

IFAST, IRMs and Number Portability.


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