IFAST File Formats

Version 5.1
February 2016

IFAST provides detailed information on the IRM and SID numbering resources, and our contact list, to allow incorporation of IFAST databases into other software by IFAST members. These databases can be queried, and some or all information can be exported in the CSV format.

You need to become an IFAST member to gain access to these files. Every assignee of an IRM or SID code can become an IFAST member upon application without paying a fee. Other industry organizations or individuals with a legitimate interest in IFAST activities can become a member upon application with an annual fee. Please contact the IFAST Secretariat for more information on membership.

Conventions for the file format are:

The IFAST file formats are:

International Roaming MIN (IRM)

System Identification Number (SID).

Note that this format changed in April 2014.

Contacts and Companies

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